Correcting Marriage and Divorce Certificates

We currently have a four (4) to five (5) month processing turnaround time.
  • If you submitted a product or processing fee, the date your check or money order is cashed is the date we received your request, which helps you estimate the time left for processing.
We are working diligently to reduce the turnaround times. If your request has not been processed after five (5) months, please call us at (360) 236-4300. We appreciate your patience, thank you.
  • We can only correct certificates for marriages and divorces that took place in Washington State.

You can use the Affidavit for Correction form and required proof for most corrections. The form summarizes how to make a correction.

  • The form is also printed on the back of every certificate. Print the updated form if the revision date is before 1/15/2015.

Detailed information on marriage and divorce corrections

Correcting the date or place of marriage or divorce/dissolution:

  • Marriage: Officiant who signed the certificate must sign the affidavit for correction.
  • Divorce or Dissolution: Clerk of court who signed the certificate must sign the affidavit for correction.

Correcting all other items on marriage or divorce certificate:

  • Either person named on the certificate must sign the affidavit for correction and submit one proof document. See our proof document page for examples of accepted proof and important requirements.

Submitting a correction

** If you want a corrected copy, also submit either:

a. A certificate issued within the last year for replacement without charge

b. A completed order form with a $25 check or money order.

  1. Complete the Affidavit for Correction
  2. Gather required proof, if needed
  3. Submit the documents to the Department of Health

Mail    In-Person

By Mail

Center for Health Statistics
Attn: Corrections
P.O. Box 47814
Olympia, WA 98504-7814

Ordering a certificate with a correction request

  • Send completed certificate order form with your correction request. Include all required documents referenced on the certificate application instruction page.
  • Certificate will be issued after the correction has been processed.

Birth Certificate Application (en español)

Death Certificate Application (en español)

Marriage & Divorce Application (en español)

Exchanging a certificate with a correction request

If you currently have a certified copy of a certificate that was issued less than one year ago, send in the certified copy of the certificate with your correction request; we will exchange the certificate at no charge.

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