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Important Note:vital records law and rules are in effect that changed the requirements for requesting vital records data.

For increased security of personal and sensitive information, a data sharing agreement (DSA) is required for all vital records data, including death data. There are fees for data files, analysis, and data requests. Each application will be reviewed and vetted for compliance to laws and regulations. Sample Data Sharing Agreement.

Government agencies and Tribal governments may receive birth and fetal death record data with direct identifiers for non-research public health work by signing a DSA.

For more information, visit the Data Request FAQ page.

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The Department of Health provides information through interactive dashboards. These dashboards allow users to:

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How to purchase files

These are record level data files. Working with these data files requires use of spreadsheet, database management, or statistical software that are not provided. A Data Sharing Agreement (DSA) is required to access all vital records data. Sample Data Sharing Agreement

A DSA documents the conditions under which the Department of Health shares limited datasets containing potentially identifiable information with outside entities. By signing the DSA, the recipient(s) of the data agrees to not link information with any other information that could identify an individual or use the information to contact any individuals. Data may not be disclosed unless agreed upon in the DSA.

Data files available for purchase

Death Statistical Files (1968 to 2021 final annual files and preliminary quarterly 2022 files)

Information about decedent (age, education, date of birth, race, occupation, marital status, etc.), the place of death and birth, cause-of-death codes, injury information, certifier type, dispositions, etc. Annual and preliminary files available.

Data Dictionary and Crosswalks- current (Excel)

Data Dictionary 1968-2015 (Word)

Washington State Death File Data Users' Guide, 2021 (PDF)

Cause of Death Literals Files (2003 to 2021 final annual files and preliminary quarterly 2022 files)

Includes text the medical certifier reported to describe the underlying and contributing causes of death as well as description of the injury. Annual and preliminary files available.

File Layout 2003-2015 (Excel)

File Layout Current (Excel)

Death Names (1968 to 2021 final annual files and preliminary quarterly 2022 files)

Names, Social Security number, address of residence, date of birth, date of death, sex, age and coded underlying cause of death. Annual and preliminary files available.

File Layout 1968-2015 (Excel)

File Layout Current (Excel)

Geocoded Death Data (1980 to 2021 final annual files)

Geographic detail about decedent's residence (e.g., census tract, latitude, longitude, school district, etc.). Annual files available.

File Layout 1980-2015 (Excel)

File Layout Current (Excel)

Data Notes (Word)

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