Children and Youth with Special Health Care Needs Communication Network

History and Partnerships

Every quarter, the DOH CYSHCN Program convenes the statewide CYSHCN Communication Network Meeting. Originating in the early 1990's, this meeting includes broad stakeholder representation such as CYSHCN Coordinators from the local health jurisdictions, representatives from parent-support organizations, Medicaid managed care plans, neurodevelopmental centers, University of Washington's Medical Home Partnerships Project and Nutrition Program, state agencies such as the Department of Children, Youth and Families's Early Infant Support and Toddler Program, the Health Care Authority-Medicaid Program, Department of Social and Health Services, other entities involved with children and youth with special health care needs, and CYSHCN Program staff.


The Communication Network Meeting provides an opportunity to exchange information among the programs and statewide entities represented and to facilitate opportunities to learn more about statewide policies, programs and issues critical to this unique population, children with special health care needs and their families. Additionally, this venue provides a fertile ground for problem solving and for strategic planning around current topics of interest. A variety of on-going technical assistance, consultation and training opportunities are made available through the membership and invited guests for special presentations.

2019 CYSHCN Communication Network Meeting Dates and Location

  • January 10, 2019
  • April 11, 2019
  • July 11, 2019
  • October 10, 2019

Meetings are 10:00 am - 3:00 pm and are held at Creekside Two Building at CenterPoint, Kent, 3rd Floor, Conference Room 309. Directions