Medical Cannabis Rule Changes Frequently Asked Questions

Permanent Rule Making Chapter 246-72 WAC

What updates are included in this rule amendment? 

The amended rule enhances and clarifies the following:

  • Definitions of “designated provider” and “qualifying patient;”
  • Training program requirements;
  • Instructor education requirements; 
  • Continuing education; 
  • Medical cannabis certified consultant practice parameters; and
  • Other house-keeping amendments.

What changes were made to consultant training and certification requirements?

Changes include a two-hour continuing education training provided by the department as well as an allowance for self-study options. The updated rules outline additional specific topics that must be included in the five hours of laws and rules for cannabis use in Washington state training, including:

  • Qualifying patient and designated provider cannabis home grow laws;
  • Patient and designated provider cannabis purchase and possession limits;
  • Cannabis product compliance, quality assurance testing, and labeling requirements for recreational and compliant cannabis products, including pesticide labeling;
  • Pesticide use on cannabis products; and
  • The medical cannabis authorization process.

What will I need to do to renew my consultant certificate?

Certificate holders must complete a minimum of ten hours of continuing education.

The following are the new renewal requirements for a consultant:

  • NEW: The two-hour, department-led continuing education training video;
  • Eight hours total of continuing education (of which two hours can be a self-study option); and
  • Proof of current CPR certification.

What is included in the new continuing education two-hour training developed by the department?

The two-hour video will cover Washington state cannabis laws and rules, including (but not limited to):

  • The rulemaking process
  • The Medical Cannabis Program
  • The role of the Certified Consultant
  • DOH compliant product
  • The patient experience
  • The authorization form
  • The medical cannabis authorization database.

Who needs to take the two-hour department training?

All certified consultants must take this training as a part of their certificate renewal. Consultants will re-take the training every renewal period.

If I already have my consultant certificate, will I have to go back and do more training?

If you are already a certified consultant, your credential remains. However, at your next renewal cycle, the continuing education requirements will be in full effect. This will now include the two-hour training video. This training will count towards two of your ten continuing education credits.

Will someone notify me that I am due to take the training?

Prior to the certificate expiration date, courtesy renewal notices are mailed to the address on file. It is important to keep your address up to date with the department. Certificate holders must return the renewal notice when renewing their credential. Failure to receive a courtesy renewal notice does not relieve or exempt the renewal requirement.

How will I know if I completed the training successfully?

An examination with at least five questions for each hour of instruction will be given for each subject. The applicant must pass the examination for each subject with a minimum score of 70 percent. Once passed, you will receive a certificate of completion to retain for your records.

Will these new training requirements change the way I am expected to interact with patients?

The new training requirements will enhance the consultant’s knowledge and ensure accurate and consistent information is shared with consultants who will be better equipped to support the patient community. Our goal is that the clarification provided in the rule amendment, along with the continuing education changes, will help strengthen consultants’ education and knowledge base so they are better prepared to support patients within their certificate’s scope of practice.

Will medical cannabis consultants be trained on issues like pesticide use on cannabis products?

A minimum of five hours of instruction on Washington state laws and rules relating to cannabis is required to include the following topics:

  • Cannabis product compliance, quality assurance testing, and labeling requirements for recreational and compliant cannabis products, including pesticide labeling; 
  • Pesticide use on cannabis products.

Will the consultant training include information about medical conditions most common among patients with a medical cannabis authorization?

Consultants will be trained on all the qualifying conditions of patients identified in RCW 69.51A.010(24).

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