Animal Venue Operator Requirements


An animal venue operator is a person, company, or entity who offers a setting where public contact with animals is encouraged, such as a petting zoo, county fair, or horse or pony rides. Animal venue operators have responsibilities under Washington State rules to help prevent diseases from being transferred from animals to people. The following information and resources are to help venue operators comply with state rules.

Animals in Public Settings

State rule, WAC 246-100-192, says an animal venue operator shall provide a hand-washing station or alternative hand sanitizing method and post a prominent sign in a simple and easy-to-understand format for visitors to see before they enter the animal exhibit area which warns that:

Animal venue operators must also post a prominent sign at each exit of the animal exhibit area reminding visitors to wash their hands.

To comply with this rule, an animal venue operator can create their own signs, or they can use these:

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Content Source: Zoonotic Disease Program