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Before You Start

Department of Health Ringtones are free; however, if downloading via internet, your cellular provider may charge a data fee. (For example: One common provider charges 1.5 cents per kb to download. Department of Health Ringtones range from 19 to 77 kb.) Contact your provider for fee specifics.

Not all phones are compatible. The mp3 format is a standard format supported by most phones that accept ringtones. Since all cell phones and cellular services are different, we will not be able to provide assistance. For troubleshooting, please contact tech support from your cellular provider.

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Download the WashYourHandsington ringtone

To download the WashYourHandsington ringtone, right click the link to the .MP3 and select “Save link as” or “Save target as,” and save the WashYourHandsington ringtone onto your hard drive.


Click the link and save the WashYourHandsington ringtone onto your hard drive.

Upload the ringtone onto your phone

After you have saved the WashYourHandsington ringtone, there are a few ways you can send the ringtone to your phone. The following methods are a few ways to upload the ringtone:

  • Visit this site from the mobile web on your smart phone and download the MP3 directly and set it as your ringtone. [instructions]
  • Email it as a text or data message to your cell phone [instructions]
  • Transfer it from your computer with a USB cable [instructions]

Please note that instructions vary by cell phone and carrier, and not all phones will be compatible. Standard text and data charges from your cell phone carrier may apply, and you should check your monthly plan to determine any costs before attempting to upload the ringtone. The Department of Health is not responsible for costs incurred from ringtone download or use.

To download from the mobile web

  1. On your smart phone, type this website URL into your mobile browser: www.doh.wa.gov/ringtone.
  2. Download the WashYourHandsington ringtone from the links at the bottom of the page.
  3. Set it as your ringtone or ringer ID. (See your phone's user manual.)

To email the ringtone to your phone

  1. Go to your email account and create a new message.
  2. Type your 10-digit cell phone number followed by your cell phone provider's text messaging extension into the "To" field. (Example: 5557771212@vxwpix.com).
  3. Add a subject line (optional) and attach the ringtone to the message. Click "Send" and check your cell phone.
  4. Save the WashYourHandsington ringtone onto your phone.
  5. Set it as your ringtone or ringer ID. (See your phone's user manual.)

Below are a few of the most common extensions:

  • Verizon Wireless: @vzwpix.com
  • AT&T: @mobile.att.net, @mms.att.net
  • T-Mobile: @tmomail.net
  • Sprint: @pm.sprint.com
  • Alltel (AT&T): @message.alltel.com
  • Cingular (AT&T): @mms.mycingular.com
  • Tracfone (AT&T): @cingularme.com
  • Nextel (Sprint): @messaging.nextel.com
  • Boost Mobile: @myboostmobile.com
  • US Cellular: @mms.uscc.net

Please note that some cell phones and mobile service providers do not allow the user to download customized ringtones to the phone. Please read the manual for your phone to find out if your phone is able to download ringtones, and any tips for your specific model.

To transfer the ringtone from your computer

For a USB cable

  1. Save the WashYourHandsington ringtone onto your hard drive.
  2. Connect your phone to your computer with a USB cable, and load the pc-to-phone software that came with your phone.
  3. Using the software, transfer the MP3 to the phone.
  4. Set the WashYourHandsington ringtone as your ringtone or ringer ID.

Download your WashYourHandsingTon ringtone: