PrEP DAP Medications and Pharmacy Locator

PrEP DAP is a program of the Washington State Department of Health (DOH). PrEP DAP helps enrollees get medications for PrEP, other related conditions and vaccines.

What medications does PrEP DAP cover?

PrEP DAP can pay for Truvada® for PrEP and other medications necessary for treatment of certain sexually transmitted diseases and vaccines based on the enrollee's circumstance.

List of covered medications

Will an enrollee get a prescription card for the pharmacy?

Yes, DOH contracts with Ramsell Corp® to provide Pharmacy Benefit Services for enrollees. PrEP DAP enrollees are assigned a group number which gives them access to certain medications based on their enrollment status. Ramsell will send the enrollee a pharmacy card for use at a contracted pharmacy.

Sample card and instructions on how to use it

What pharmacy can an enrollee go to?

The pharmacy must be contracted with Ramsell for PrEP DAP to be able to pay.

How to find a contracted pharmacy

To find a pharmacy in your area, go to the Ramsell website

Pharmacy tool image of grey box
  1. Find the Pharmacy Locator tool located on the left menu bar

  2. Enter your city, your zip code or county

  3. Click on “Locate”

    1. A list of pharmacies will pop up and you can choose which one you prefer based on your insurance.

    2. If you are uninsured, you can select any pharmacy you prefer.

What to do if there is a pharmacy billing issue?

Contact PrEP DAP immediately at 360-236-3412 or 877-376-9316 (toll free) or by email at