TB Medications


Current TB Medication Shortages


The FDA is listing rifapentine as 'in shortage' currently.  Local wholesale distributors show a small supply on their shelves. Please place an order with your medication supplier, even if it has to be a backorder. Then reach out to your supplier's sales representative and let them know you have placed a backorder and need the medications as soon as possible.


The FDA is currently listing rifampin capsules as in shortage (ASHP updated shortage as of 6/10/22). The re-establishment of readily accessible supplies of rifampin is slow. But currently local drug distributors seem to have a healthy supply. Washington LHJs may see the TB Partners SharePoint page for more specific information


Local distribution warehouses show a limited supply available, but neither FDA and ASHP report this medication as in shortage. We would recommend that your pharmacy place a backorder for any amounts over what's currently available. Washington LHJs may see visit the TB Partners SharePoint page for more specific information.

Check the links below for rifapentine and other drug shortage information:

TB Medications available from DOH for LHJs

Local health jurisdictions can order the first 4-line TB medications for free and other TB medications at a reduced price through the 340B Medication Discount Program, MMCAP, and Former CDC National Stockpile Medications. The bullet points below link to the internal TB Partners SharePoint page. If you would like to access additional resources about TB medications, please email tbservices@doh.wa.gov .

DOH offers the first 4-line TB medications for active disease patients without cost to the LHJs. DOH covers the cost of the medications, pharmacy repackaging and shipping to your LHJ.

DOH may use this purchasing tool for LHJs' patients who do not qualify for 340B. DOH may cover the cost of medication, pharmacy repackaging and shipping. Your LHJ can also get free access to purchase medications using MMCAP to purchase TB medications and supplies.

These medications are free of charge for LHJs to use for any of their TB patients and are NOT part of the 304B program and do NOT have the 340B restrictions. You can use them for any of your TB patients including those identified in contact investigations and/or who have LTBI. Visit the internal TB Partners SharePoint page to view the medications and order form.