PSA: Avoid Mosquitoes, Prevent West Nile Virus


This 60-second radio public service announcement raises awareness of the risk of West Nile virus, particularly for people 50 years and older. The radio spot gives the listener clear direction about how to avoid contracting West Nile virus.

This spot is set in an airport. A family of mosquitoes is entering the security checkpoint on their way to board a plane bound for Washington. As they go through the security screening process, the security agent asks if they are carrying any West Nile virus. He informs them that they aren't allowed to enter Washington if they have the disease. The spot then cuts to a narrator informing listeners about ways they can decrease their risk of contracting West Nile virus.


English Spanish


Sound Effects
Airport security checkpoint ambient sound(people walking, muffled PA announcement in background, muffled conversations, luggage being placed on conveyer belt, etc.)

GUARD: Welcome to Skeeter Airlines. What's your destination?

FATHER: Washington state.

GUARD: Are you carrying any aerosol cans or weapons?


GUARD: West Nile virus?


GUARD: You'll have to get rid of it. People in Washington are trying to control West Nile.

FATHER: (Indignantly) What are you talking about?! I've got a right to enter Washington…West Nile or not!

GUARD: Just calm down sir.

Struggle between guard and father, fades out quickly after “We're getting on that plane!” line

FATHER: If people would just wear long pants and long-sleeved shirts, install screens and empty standing water around the house we wouldn't be so tempted to bite.....

Honey, grab the kids! We're getting on that plane!

TBD instrumental music

NARRATOR 1: We don't really have security guards to protect us from West Nile, but you can reduce your chances of contracting it. West Nile virus is spread by mosquitoes and can lead to serious medical problems for some people.

NARRATOR 2: Everyone should avoid mosquito bites and use an effective mosquito repellent, especially if you're over 50. For more information visit d-o-h dot w-a dot g-o-v or call (866) 78-VIRUS.

NARRATOR 1: A message from the Washington State Department of Health. Always working for a safer and healthier Washington.

Music fades out