PSA: Wear Mosquito Repellent, Prevent West Nile Virus


This 60-second radio public service announcement creates an understanding of what the public needs to do to prevent West Nile virus.

This spot is set in a courtroom. A mosquito is being tried for attempting to spread West Nile virus. The judge asks Ms. Mosquito to confess to her crime. She protests her innocence but "goes away for a long time."




Sound Effects
The murmur of a crowd broken by the pounding of a gavel.

JUDGE: Order! Ms. Mosquito, you stand convicted of attempting to spread West Nile Virus. Before this court hands down sentencing you must confess to your crime.

MOSQUITO: Well there was this big guy just getting home from a run. Mosquitoes are attracted to human sweat—I couldn't resist! The guy was in running shorts and wasn't wearing long sleeves. He was practically begging to be bitten!

Quiet, sporadic gasps from the crowd, shocked and appalled at what they are hearing.

JUDGE: What stopped you, then?

MOSQUITO: Just as I was about to land I smelled it on him—repellent! Nowadays everybody's using it! He's the one who should be on trial!

JUDGE: I've heard enough!

MOSQUITO: That's not fair! All I did was try to bite the guy!

An uproar of appalled shouts and groans sound through the gallery from the mosquito's assertion, forcing the judge to bang his gavel for order.

JUDGE: Ms. Mosquito, you are carrying West Nile virus! One bite is all it takes! You're going away for a long time…

MOSQUITO: (Fading out as if being dragged away) Noooooooo!!!

A quiet murmur of approval is made by the crowd. NARRATOR: Mount your own defense against West Nile virus. Wear long sleeves, long pants and repellent when outside, and dump standing water around your home. For more information on how to protect yourself from West Nile virus, go to d-o-h-dot-w-a-dot-g-o-v or call 866-78-VIRUS. A message from the Washington State Department of Health.