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Notices of Competitive Solicitations and Sole Source Contracts

Solicitation notices include a link to the Washington’s Electronic Business System (WEBS), the state’s electronic vendor registration and bid notification system, or the Sole Source Contracts Database (SSCD). Interested vendors must check WEBS for all documents, timelines, and amendments respective to each opportunity. Vendors are responsible for maintaining their contact information in WEBS to receive notification of new opportunities and postings associated with active solicitations.

Solicitation Type Reference Number Solicitation Notice Date Issued Response Due Date Previous Contract(s)
Sole Source CBO29613 SW Washington Accountable Community of Health (SWACH) (PDF)
by 2 p.m. PST
  • NA
Sole Source CBO29684-0 Crisis Text Line (CTL) (PDF)
by 2 p.m. PST
  • NA

Our Values

Government Transparency

Each year, a report of Washington state agency contracts is posted on the website by the Department of Enterprise Services; in the search bar on that website use keywords "fiscal reports" and the respective year to find them. includes data tools, filters, and downloadable files for users to explore. In the contracts data, the Washington State Department of Health (DOH) agency number is 303.

For your convenience, DOH contract reports for prior fiscal years are provided here:

Transformational Plan

The cornerstone values of equity, innovation, and engagement are key drivers in shaping and transforming DOH  services and strengthening our core work. Read the DOH Transformational Plan: A Vision for Health in Washington State (2022-24) to learn about our strategic priorities and how agency values are infused into transforming our services and aligning equity efforts in all that we do, reenergizing the commitment to health for all.

Supplier Diversity and Equity in Contracting

Small businesses are the backbone of the state economy. About 99% of Washington’s businesses are small. Washington's small businesses also employ 1.3 million workers, or approximately 51% of Washington’s total workforce. Executive Order 22-01 directs state agencies to take certain steps to provide small businesses with equitable access to contract and procurement dollars. 

The DOH Contracts and Procurement Office is committed to fair, transparent, and open competition, ensuring that taxpayer dollars are spent equitably in the private sector through accessible opportunities for small and diverse businesses. To learn more about statewide supplier diversity work, please visit the websites of the Department of Enterprise Services and the Office of Minority and Women’s Business Enterprises.


This document summarizes how we might spend funds between January and June 2024. Please note: We base this information on projections and actual spending may vary.

Fiscal Year 2022-2023 Spending

The tables below summarize how we spent both state and federal funds from July 1, 2022, through June 30, 2023.

Professional Service Contracts
Category 2022-23 Spending
Management and Organizational Services $15,595,167
Legal and Expert Witness Services $450,519
Computer and Information Services $11,670,159
Social Research Services $4,438,069
Technical Research Services $952,859
Marketing Services $6,851,337
Communications Services $16,204,208
Training Services $5,560,252
Recruiting Services $2,012,832
Other Professional Services $121,273,365
Goods and Services
Category 2022-23 Spending
Supplies and Materials $117,869,351
Communications and Telecommunications $3,500,659
Repairs, Alterations and Maintenance $4,390,637
Printing and Reproduction $1,321,438
Employee Professional Development and Training $2,637,969
Rental and Leases: Furniture and Equipment $992,082
Other Contractual Services $48,399,116
Vehicle Maintenance and Operating Cost $94,004
Software Licenses and Maintenance $18,026,812
Other Goods and Services $880,743
Capital Spending: Assets and Construction
Category 2022-23 Spending
Noncapitalized Assets $5,262,536
Noncapitalized Software $942,759
Furnishings and Equipment $3,271,381
Buildings $4,544,702
Architectural and Engineering Services $4,475,907
Software $1,067,051

Contact Us

For assistance and support please contact us at

Alyce Benge, CPPO, Contracts and Procurement Director,, leads the DOH team of professional contracts and procurement specialists who are committed to removing barriers that small, diverse, and veteran-owned businesses have faced and improving utilization of their services and goods.

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