Private Detention Facility Complaints

People detained at private detention facilities have the right to report concerns about their detention. The 2023 Legislature amended Chapter 70.395 RCW, giving the Washington State Department of Health access to ensure private detention facilities comply with measurable standards providing sanitary, hygienic, and safe conditions for detained persons. This applies to both current and future private detention facilities operating in Washington.

Instructions on Submitting a Complaint

1. Fill out the Online Complaint Form. When you have completed the form and select the Submit button, we'll have your complaint.

2. Fill out the DHS ICE Form: Privacy Waiver Authorizing Disclosure to a Third Party (PDF). This form allows the Department of Health staff to speak to a person at the detention center. Once completed, email it to or mail to: EPH Complaint Resolution Unit, PO Box 47820, Olympia, WA 98504. 

More Information

Call us toll free at 1-833-770-7500. 

Email us at

When we receive your form, we will start looking into the incident. If you think of anything else to add, contact us.

Things to consider while filling out the complaint form: Information in this form is subject to public disclosure. If you want to remain anonymous, do not include your contact information with your complaint. Please be aware that if you do not include contact information, we may not be able to fully investigate or proceed with enforcement action.