Private Detention Facilities

The 2023 Legislature passed Second Substitute House Bill 1470 (2SHB 1470), Chapter 419, Laws of 2023, Regular Session amending Chapter 70.395 RCW, giving the Department of Health (department) access to ensure private detention facilities comply with measurable standards providing sanitary, hygienic, and safe conditions for detained persons.

Law and Rulemaking

The department filed a CR-101- Preposed Statement of Inquiry to propose rule language to establish chapter 246-385 Washington Administrative Code (WAC) – Private Detention Facilities as a new chapter to set operational standards for facilities and set health and safety standards for detained persons pursuant to chapter 70.395 RCW.

RCW Law: Chapter 70.395 RCW - Private Detention Facilities

WAC Rulemaking: Private Detention Facilities Rulemaking - Information about the process, timeline, draft rule, staying informed, and how to get involved (PDF)

Public Listening Sessions

We heard you! The department held three live listening sessions during the months of December 2023 and January 2024 to seek help from the public on draft rule language regulating private detention facilities. We had 136 registered guests including: interpreters, staff from the department, other state agencies and local health jurisdictions, advocacy organizations, and members of the community. Thank you to everyone who participated and shared comments. We value your opinions and insights. We summarized comments and questions from the live listening sessions.

File a Complaint

Private Detention Facility Complaints - People detained at private detention facilities have the right to report concerns about their detention.

Inspections and Investigations

Chapter 70.395 RCW grants the department access to private detention facilities to conduct health and safety inspections, perform water and air quality tests, and investigate complaints alleging noncompliance with Chapter 70.395 RCW. The department has no control over inspection results posted by other agencies, or how often they are posted.

Food Inspections: Northwest ICE Processing Center, Tacoma-Pierce County Health Department

Labor and Industries Inspection Results

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