Adopted Rules

This page includes a complete list of all rules adopted within the past 12 months by the Department of Health or by any health profession board or commission vested with rule-making authority identified under RCW 18.130.040(2)(b).

For information about all current rules that apply to a topic, look in the title area for the subject. The rule title can be sorted ascending and descending by clicking on the small triangle next to the Title heading, or you can use the Search at the top of the list. For example, if you enter "drinking water rules" in the Search box, all rules with those words in their titles will appear at the top of the list.

Title Sort descending WAC WSR Status Effective
Ambulatory Surgery and Certificate of Need Methodology 246-310-270 20-02-008 Adopted
Behavioral Health Agency Licensing and Certification Requirements 246-341 21-14-010 Adopted
Board of Osteopathic Medicine and Surgery 246-853-655 22-17-111 Adopted
Chiropractic Commission Billing, Documentation, Future Care Contracts, et al. 246-808-540246-808-545246-808-550246-808-560246-808-565246-808-570246-808-575246-808-580246-808-585246-808-590 22-14-002 Adopted
Colon Hydrotherapist 246-836A 22-11-017 Adopted
Colon Hydrotherapist Fees and Renewal Cycle 216-836A-990 22-11-012 Adopted
Dental Assistatnts and Exapanded Function Dental Auxilliaries 246-817-510
17-05-056 Adopted
Dental Examination Content 246-817-120
17-22-035 Adopted
Dental Hygienist Acts Performed Under General Supervision 246-817-550
17-01-045 Adopted
Dental Hygienist Delegation COVID-19 Emergency Rule Administer COVID-19 246-817-581
21-06-112 Adopted
Dental Hygienists Acts Performed Under General Supervision 246-817-550
19-18-095 Adopted
Dental Hygienists Suicide Prevention Training 246-815-155
18-21-040 Adopted
Dental Hygienists Under General Supervision WAC 246-817-550
19-18-095 Adopted
Dental Licensure Initial Elgibility and Application Requirements 246-817-110
19-15-094 Adopted
Dental Licensure Rules to Qualify Washinston State Dental Residency to Qualify An Applicant for Dental Licensure by Residency In Lieu of Practical Examination 246-817-110
18-01-106 Adopted
Dental Novel Coronavirus Disease 2019 Screening Emergency Rule 246-817-580
Dental Quality Assurance Commission Moderate Sedation with Parenteral Agents 246-817-760
17-07-037 Adopted
Dental Quality Assurance Commission Novel Coronovirus 2019 Screening Tests 246-817-580
21-15-114 Adopted
Dental Quality Assurance Commission Patient Notification, Secure Storage, and Disposal 246-817-907
20-04-080 Adopted
Dental Quality Assurance Commission Sexual Misconduct 246-817-460
19-21-146 Withdrawn
Dental Quality Assurance Commission Speciality Representation 246-817-420
21-12-107 Adopted
Dental Quality Assurance Commission Update Dental Infection Control Practice Standards 246-817-601
19-02-006 Withdrawn
Dentist Continuing Education Requirements 246-817-440
18-12-116 Adopted
Dentist Suicide Prevention Education 246-817-441
18-12-112 Adopted
Denturist Amending Continuing Competency, Licensure by Endorsement, Exams, Expired Licenses and Record Content 246-812-020

17-21-002 Withdrawn
Denturists Initials Following The Name of a Licensed Denturist 246-812
17-21-002 Withdrawn
Dispensing Optician Fees and Renewal Cycle 246-824-990
17-11-088 Adopted
Dispensing Opticians Applications for Examination 246-824-040
18-04-110 Adopted
Drinking Water State Revolving Funds 246-296-040
18-21-021 Adopted
East Asian Medicine Practitioner 246-803
20-03-112 Adopted
East Asian Medicine Practitioner Point Injecton Therapy 246-803-030
17-15-006 Adopted
Employee Restrooms Toilet Facilities State Board of Health 246-215-09150
18-23-021 Adopted
EPA Analytical Requirements 246-290-638
19-07-063 Adopted
Epinephrine Autoinjectors for Authorized Entities 246-570
18-03-039 Adopted
Examining Board of Psychology Continuing Education Competency Suicide Assessment 246-924-255
17-06-056 Adopted
Fees for Acute Care Psychiatric, and Alcohol and Chemical Dependency Hospitals to Provide Aleternative Funding for Hospital Fire Code Inspections 246-320-199
17-18-109 Adopted
Fees for Agency Licensure and Certifications for Tribal Attestatitions 246-341-0367
20-02-116 Adopted
Fees for Copying Public Records 246-08-990
18-03-124 Adopted
Forensic Phlebotomist Applicaiton Requirements 246-827A-0040
19-09-063 Adopted
Forensic Phlebotomists 246-827-XXX
18-02-078 Withdrawn
Forensic Phlebotomists 246-827A
18-14-016 Adopted
Genetic Counselor License Fees 246-825-990
19-21-144 Adopted
Group A Public Water Supplies: Total Coliform, Disinfection, and Planning 246-290
17-01-062 Adopted
Health Care Associated Infections 246-440-100
19-22-075 Adopted
Health Care Providers Charging for Searching and Duplicating Health Care Records 246-08-400
21-11-087 Adopted
Health Equity Continuing Education Model Rule WAC 246-12-800WAC 246-12-810WAC 246-12-820WAC 246-12-830 22-23-167 Adopted
Hearing and Speech Addressing Consumer Notification 246-828
21-06-011 Adopted
Hearing and Speech Aligning Rules with Industry Standards Regarding Examinations and Educational Programs 246-828
19-13-041 Adopted
Hearing and Speech HIV/AIDS Repeal 246-828-370
21-10-060 Adopted
Home Care Aide Rules 246-980
18-20-072 Adopted