Adopted Rules

This page includes a complete list of all rules adopted within the past 12 months by the Department of Health or by any health profession board or commission vested with rule-making authority identified under RCW 18.130.040(2)(b).

For information about all current rules that apply to a topic, look in the title area for the subject. The rule title can be sorted ascending and descending by clicking on the small triangle next to the Title heading, or you can use the Search at the top of the list. For example, if you enter "drinking water rules" in the Search box, all rules with those words in their titles will appear at the top of the list.

Title Sort descending WAC WSR Status Effective
Ambulatory Surgery and Certificate of Need Methodology 246-310-270 20-02-008 Adopted
Analgesia and Anesthesia Administration in Office-based Settings 246-853-650 23-08-068 Adopted
Board of Osteopathic Medicine and Surgery 246-853-655 22-17-111 Adopted
Board of Physical Therapy changes to TOEFL requirements WAC 246-915-120 23-16-125 Adopted
Colon Hydrotherapist 246-836A 22-11-017 Adopted
Colon Hydrotherapist Fees and Renewal Cycle 216-836A-990 22-11-012 Adopted
Death with Dignity Act Revisions 246-978 WAC 23-17-071 Adopted
Department of Health Drinking Water State Revolving Fund (SWSRF) Loan Terms 246-296-020, 246-296-100, 246-296-130 23-06-064 Adopted
Department of Health Fee Amendments WAC 246-803-990, 246-809-990, 246-810-990, 246-815-990, 246-817-990, 246-817-99005, 246-828-990, 246-845-990, 246-915-990, 246-915-99005, 246-930-990, 246-980-990 23-07-057 Adopted
Department of Health Medical Test Site Fee Increase WAC 246-338-990 23-04-099 Adopted
Drinking Water State Revolving Fund (DWSRF) Loan Program Lead Service Line (LSL) Identification and Replacement Emergency Rule 246-296-050 23-05-069 Adopted
Full veterinary Services to low-income households at animal care and control agencies and nonprofit human societies WAC 246-933-501, WAC 246-933-510, WAC 246-933-520, WAC 246-933-530 and WAC 246-933-550 23-11-002 Adopted
Health Equity Continuing Education Model Rule WAC 246-12-800WAC 246-12-810WAC 246-12-820WAC 246-12-830 22-23-167 Adopted
Home Care Aide and Nursing Assistant-Certified Alternate Certification Time Frames WACs 246-980-025, 246-980-030, 246-980-040, 246-980-065, 246-980-011 23-11-053 Adopted
Home Care Aide Validity of Training Emergency Rule 246-980-100 23-05-083 Adopted
Home Care Aides - Alternate Time Frames for Certification Requirements 246-980-011 (new)246-980-030, 246-980-040 and 246-980-065 22-21-069 Adopted
Human Remains Clerical Amendment WAC 246-500-055 23-09-027 Adopted
In-Home Services Telemedicine Supervision WAC 246-335-510WAC 246-335-545WAC 246-335-610WAC 246-335-645 23-01-032 Adopted
Massage Therapist Corrections and Updates to Training and Exam, Equipment and Sanitation Rule WAC 246-830-201, 246-830-485, 246-830-490, 246-830-500, 246-830-510 23-07-065 Adopted
Medical Marijuana - Changing the term "Marijuana" to "Canabis" WACs 246-71-010, 246-71-020, 246-71-030, 246-71-040, 246-71-050, 246-71-080, 246-71-130WACs 246-72-010, 246-72-020, 246-72-030, 246-72-040, 246-72-100, and 246-72-110 23-05-052 Adopted
Medical Test Site Licensure and Notification Requirements 246-388-020 and 246-388-026 22-20-073 Adopted
Notifiable Conditions Supplemental 246-101
21-11-040 Adopted
Nursing ARNP Scope of Practice and Nursing Practice Standards 246-840-300246-840-700246-840-710 19-01-002 Adopted
Nursing Assistance Registered and Health Care Aides Training CR-103E 246-840-930246-841-405 22-07-046 Adopted
Nursing Care Quality Assurance Commission License Requirements for Advanced Registered Nurse Practitioners and Nursing Technicians COVID-19 CR-103E 246-840-365 22-11-047 Adopted
Nursing Care Quality Assurance Commission Specific Training Requirements for Nursing Assistant Certified and Nursing Assistant Registered CR-103E (COVID-19) 246-841-420246-841-470246-841-490246-841-500246-841-510 22-11-049 Adopted
Nursing Credential and License Requirements for Nurse Technicians, RN's, and ARNP's 246-840-365246-840-367246-840-533246-840-930 22-04-081 Adopted
Nursing Technicians Provide Opportunities to Licensed Practical Nurse Students 246-840-010246-840-840246-840-850246-840-860246-840-905 22-04-082 Adopted
Pharmacy Quality Assurance Commission Community-based and In-home Care Medication Assistance 246-945-710, 246-945-712, 246-945-714, 246-945-716, 246-945-718, 246-945-720, 246-94 23-07-056 Adopted
Pharmacy Quality Assurance Commission Extension of Emergency Rules for Schedule II Prescriptions 246-945-010 23-06-016 Adopted
Pharmacy Quality Assurance Committee Retired Active Pharmacist Status WAC 246-945-171 23-07-057 Adopted
Pharmacy Schedule V Removing Epidiolex from the list of Schedule V Emergency Rule 246-945-056 22-06-053 Adopted
Physical Therapy Licensure Compact WAC 246-915A-010 23-09-068 Adopted
Physician and Physician Assistant, Opioid Prescribing Patient Exemptions WAC 246-918-801 and WAC 246-919-851 22-22-039 Adopted
Physicians - Licensure of International Medical Graduates WAC 246-919-345 22-22-038 Adopted
Podiatry Continuing Education 246-922-300 and 246-922-310 22-20-092 Adopted
Raidionuclide Emissions - National Standards Adopted by Reference WAC 246-247-035 23-04-063 Adopted
Removal of Non-Evidence Based Licensure Requirements for ARNP Nurses WAC 246-840-365 and WAC 246-840-367 23-08-069 Adopted
Repeal of AIDS Education and Training Requirements WAC 246-945-162, WAC 246-945-200, and WAC 246-945-205 23-09-062 Adopted
SBOH Primary and Secondary Schools 246-366A
21-14-056 Adopted
State Board of Health Proprietary Treatment Product Certification and Registration for On-site Sewage Systems Emergency Rule 246-272A-0110 23-05-055 Adopted
State Board of Health Communicable and Certain Other Diseases and Notifiable Conditions 246-100246-101 22-06-061 Adopted
Vibrio parahaemolyticus Shellfish Control Plan WAC 246-282-006 23-11-074 Adopted