Wildfire Smoke - Partner Toolkit

Below are technical guidance and risk communication resources for public health, air quality, and other officials to use during a wildfire smoke response. Many of these tools were created with input from partners across the state, including the Wildfire Smoke Impacts Advisory Group (PDF). This interagency group was formed in 2018 to develop and improve evidence-based health guidance and achieve more consistent health messaging across agencies.

Health Resources

Washington Air Quality Guide for Particle Pollution: English / Spanish / Arabic / Chinese Simplified / Chinese Traditional / Korean / Punjabi / Russian / Somali / Tagalog / Ukrainian / Vietnamese

Washington Children and Youth Activities Guide for Air Quality: English / Spanish / Somali / Russian

Washington Guide for Public Health Actions for Wildfire Smoke: English

Wildfire Smoke Guidance for Canceling Outdoor Events or Activities and Closing Schools: English

  • Summary Wildfire Smoke Guidance for Cancelling Outdoor Public Events or Activities: English
  • Summary Wildfire Smoke Guidance for Closing Schools: English

Portable Air Cleaner Selection Guide

Improving Ventilation and Indoor Air Quality During Wildfire Smoke Events (PDF)

DOH Recommendations for Wildfire Smoke and Respiratory Viruses: English

Washington State CEMP ESF 8 Attachment 1 to Appendix 5 – Wildfire Response – Severe Smoke Episodes: English

Wildfire Smoke: A Guide for Public Health Officials: English

Smoke from fires can be dangerous flyers:

For everyone:
English / Spanish / Arabic / Chinese / Korean / Punjabi / Russian / Somali / Tagalog / Ukrainian / Vietnamese

For babies and children: 
English / Spanish

For pregnant people: 
English / Spanish / Arabic / Chinese / Korean / Punjabi / Russian / Somali / Tagalog / Ukrainian / Vietnamese

For people over 65: 
English / Spanish / Arabic / Chinese / Korean / Punjabi / Russian / Somali / Tagalog / Ukrainian / Vietnamese

For people with lung and heart diseases: 
English / Spanish / Korean / Punjabi 

Face mask fact sheet: English / Spanish

Know the Symptoms flyer: 
Spanish / Arabic / Chinese / Korean / Punjabi / Russian / Somali / Tagalog / Ukrainian / Vietnamese

Smoke From Fires Webpage in Other Languages

화재 연기 (Korean)

Дым от пожаров (Russian)

Qiiqa Ka imaanayo Dabka (Somali)

Usok Mula Sa Apoy (Tagalog)

Дим від пожеж (Ukrainian)

Khói Từ Các Đám Cháy (Vietnamese)

燃烧烟雾 (Chinese)

Additional Resources on Wildfires and Smoke

WA Smoke Blog Website: English / Spanish - This site provides a wide range of timely information, including wildfire status updates, air quality conditions and forecasts, and health information.

WA Labor & Industries Wildfire Smoke website: English - For information on wildfire smoke and outdoor worker safety, including workplace requirements and policies.