Regulatory Guide

A specific license is required in order to receive, possess, use, transfer, or acquire most radioactive materials. There are some quantities or concentrations of radioactive material that are exempt from regulation and some items that require only a general license (or registration). However, the majority of radioactive materials cannot be obtained without a specific license issued by the department. The resulting license and any right to possess or use sources of ionizing radiation granted by this license cannot be assigned or transferred to anyone else.

State law (View RCW 70.98.080 on Washington State Legislature Web site ) requires that an application must be:

  • submitted in writing.
  • signed by the applicant.

and must convince the department that:

  • the applicant is qualified by training and experience to use the material in question for the purpose requested.
  • the proposed equipment, facilities, and procedures are adequate to minimize danger to public health and safety or property.
  • the issuance of the license will not be hazardous to the health and safety of the public.

The applicant must also satisfy any special requirements for the type of use.

The law also requires a pre-licensing inspection for new licensees to ensure that the applicant can meet the rules, regulations and standards.

Before issuing a license to an applicant, the department must give notice of the application to the chief executive officer of the incorporated city, town, or county legislative authority if the applicant is outside the boundaries of incorporated cities or towns. The city, town, or county has the right to file written objections against the applicant within 20 days of the notice and may request a formal hearing before the department.