Handheld X-Ray Equipment

Handheld X-ray equipment for dental and industrial uses are X-ray sources and must be registered by our department. See X-Ray Equipment Registration for more information.

Dental Handheld Units

Handheld units for use in the dental field have been approved by the state on a case-by-case basis. If not approved, units must be tested to ensure compliance with WAC 246-225A, and to determine if additional requirements must be met.


  • All units must have be equipped with a backscatter shield of not less than .25 mm lead equivalent and 6 inches in diameter that can be positioned within 1 cm of the end of the cone.
  • An intraoral speed class of “F” or “E/F” or a digital receptor must be used.
  • The unit must be stored securely when not in use.

Not all FDA-approved machines have been approved for use in Washington.

Purchasing Equipment Online

Certain handheld X-ray systems are available for sale on websites that are not authorized for distribution by the manufacturer.

The NOMAD Pro 2 GBL and NOMAD Pro 2 GBL BLK are not intended for use in the United States. These products are tested to comply with safety and electrical standards, but are not cleared by the Food and Drug Administration to be sold in the United States. These units should not be purchased or used in Washington, and cannot be registered for use in dental offices.

Approved for use are the NOMAD, NOMAD Pro, NOMAD Pro 2, or KaVo NOMAD Pro 2 Handheld X-ray Systems.

We recommend purchasing X-ray systems from U.S. dealers, authorized by the manufacturer. Please refer to the manufacturer website for more information on NOMAD Handheld X-ray systems

Tested and Approved Equipment

Manufacturer Machine State-Approved Special Conditions
Aribex Nomad Yes  
Denterprise Mobile X T100 Yes Wear lead apron of 0.25 mm lead
Dexcowin Cocoon BX-7017 Yes Wear lead apron of 0.25 mm lead
Dexcowin MaxRay Yes Wear lead apron of 0.25 mm lead
DigiMed BioRay Prox NO  
DigiMed MiniX-V Yes Wear lead apron of 0.25 mm lead
Digital Doc XTG Minix-s Yes Wear lead apron of 0.25 mm lead
GenoRay ZEN-PX2 Yes Wear lead apron of 0.25 mm lead
Innoden BiOX Yes Wear lead apron of 0.25 mm lead
POSKOM Co. Rextar X Yes Must use manufacture’s back scatter shield of not less than 0.5mm lead
Remedi Remex T-100 Yes Wear lead apron of 0.25 mm lead
Skysea Green X-ray NO Not FDA approved
Vatech EZ Ray VEX P-300 Yes  
X-ray 2 Go DXR-1 Yes Wear lead apron of 0.25 mm lead
X-ray 2 Go Exaro 60kVp 3mA Yes  

XRF Analyzers for Industrial Use

X-ray flurorescence - XRF - analyzers are battery-operated units used for metal and alloy analysis, scrap metal sorting, toy lead testing, precious metals analysis, and surface coatings.


  • The unit operating instruction guide must be available for users.
  • All users must be trained in proper handling and safe operation of these units. Documentation is required. These records must be available for review.

Not required:

  • Radiation monitoring badges.
  • Utilization logs.

More Information

Office of Radiation Protection X-Ray Program: 1-800-299-9729

Chapter 246-228 WAC Radiation Protection — Analytical X-Ray Equipment