Temporary Use of X-Ray Equipment

The Department of Health must be notified about the use of ALL X-ray units being brought from out of state into Washington state for temporary use WAC 246-224-0110.

At least 3 business days prior to in-state use notify the Department of Health and give:

  1. The nature, duration, and scope of use.
  2. The exact location where the radiation machine is to be used.
  • All medical or dental X-ray units used in a practice must be registered regardless of the number of days used.
  • If it is not a medical or dental X-ray (i.e. industrial, vet, etc.) and will not be used more than 60 calendar days total per year, the unit need not be registered.
  • ALL X-ray units must comply with applicable regulations.

For more information, call 360-236-3236 or 1-800-299-XRAY.