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*Skagit County Clean Water Program (CWP) / Clean Samish Initiative (CSI) / Pollution Identification and Correction (PIC) Program


Greatest Success

The County successfully established a PIC program and reduced fecal coliform bacteria in the Samish River and growing area. The CWP is well respected in the basin, especially compared to prior efforts.

Greatest Challenge

The political nature of the area and water quality can conflict with the ideal and what science says. Currently it is hard to get dollars on the ground because of the strings attached. Furthermore, it has been hard to bring on board a segment of the population that resists change.

Needs to Further Goals or Pollution Control Plan / Lessons Learned

The current commissioners support the role of the CWP. The most important thing is to effectively communicate with property owners in the watershed.

To increase the chances of success, the CWP recommends:

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