Skagit County Shellfish Protection District* - Enforcement and Education

*Skagit County Clean Water Program (CWP) / Clean Samish Initiative (CSI) / Pollution Identification and Correction (PIC) Program


Letters to Property Owners

Owners of properties identified by evaluation/inspection by car were contacted via letter, with a follow up meeting between the inspector and landowner to discuss the property. The program is closely coordinated with Ecology and WSDA. SCPH sends a series of letters to property owners in MRAs who do not have a current O&M inspection of their OSS. If the inspection is not completed within the time frame set out in the letters (approximately 90 days), the property owner is subject to a $75 per day fine.


Skagit County Planning and Development Services, SCPH, WSDA, and Ecology provide enforcement. Regulations include: OSS ordinance, the Critical Areas Ordinance (CAO), and state anti-pollution laws.

If landowners do not implement corrective actions, enforcement may occur via the County or Ecology. In the County, the CAO allows enforcement of "watercourse protection measures".

Education and Outreach

Programs (including community demonstrations and school programs)

Recently the focus has been on deliverables in the Outreach & Education (O&E) program. This program is funded by CWP dollars and O&E is included in most contacts created by these dollars. Education and outreach includes OSS education, Skagit CD programs (peer to peer program, workshops, neighborhood groups), pet waste stations and sani-cans, and junior stream stewards program.

Mailings and General Outreach (including O&M manuals, guides)

The CWP and CSI produce quarterly newsletters. Press releases and notifications of public meetings are also mailed to property owners.

Social Marketing and Behavior Change

The County and the Skagit CD are beginning new social marketing programs.



Websites and Social Media

The CWP and CSI host websites and Facebook pages with resources, videos, and information.

Events (including workshops, open houses, and dinners)

Skagit CD programs include workshops. The County hosts periodic public meetings to inform the public about the project and progress towards eliminating pollution. Septics 101 and Septics 201 classes are available. Septics 101 training is also available online.

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