Skagit County Shellfish Protection District - General Information and Funding

General Information

Shellfish Protection District Name

Skagit County Clean Water Program (CWP) / The Clean Samish Initiative (CSI) / Pollution Identification and Correction (PIC) Program



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Geographic Boundaries

Unincorporated Skagit County

Primary Point of Contact

Name: Michael See

Agency: Skagit County Public Works

Phone: 360-416-1455


Year Created

1995 for Shellfish Protection District (SPD); 2005 for CWP

Reason Created

Skagit County established a SPD county-wide in 1995 in response to pollution issues, especially in Samish Bay, and closure of parts of the shellfish growing area in the bay with Skagit County Ordinance #O15708 (PDF). There was no funding attached to the establishment of this district. However, Skagit County successfully pursued a community sewer system for the Town of Edison and on-site sewage system (OSS) repairs for the Blanchard community.

The Skagit County CWP was created in 2005 as an outgrowth of the SPD (Skagit County Resolution #R20050487 (PDF)). The CWP was reauthorized in 2009 (Skagit County Resolution #R20090395 (PDF)). The CSI was established by the Washington State Department of Ecology (Ecology) in 2009 and transferred to Skagit County in 2010 with the awarding of a U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) grant to address Samish Bay fecal coliform pollution.

Members and Stakeholders


There is no board for this SPD. The CSI Executive Committee provides accountability for the work of the CSI. The SPD is managed by Skagit County Public Works Natural Resources Division.


Non-appointed participants in the CSI include:

Funding Sources


$960,000 in EPA PIC funding for 3 and a half years (expired December 2013) was used to establish the PIC program in the Samish Basin. Additional EPA grant dollars were obtained by Skagit County to address fecal coliform pollution in the Padilla Bay watershed.

Funding for Public Health work in the MRAs varies from year to year. In a typical year, approximately $50,000 is available for base funding of this work. Skagit County has also received approximately an additional $75,000 per year for special projects.

Agency Funds

EPA funded the Skagit County PIC program in 2010. Other financial assistance includes CD/Washington State Conservation Commission cost share funds, EPA/National Estuary Program Agriculture BMP funds, Skagit County's Natural Resources Stewardship Program, CWP funds, and OSS inspection reimbursement. The program proposed to County Commissioners to reauthorize funding for an additional five to ten years, and the response was positive.

Taxes and Fees

A $28 fee per parcel or an assessment based on impervious surface funds the SPD and the County CWP. Funding totals approximately $1,300,000. This supports the CD and CWP (Skagit County Public Works and SCPH) work in the area. Skagit County will seek reauthorization of the CWP in 2014.

Loans (including Craft3)

Low-interest loans for the repair of failing OSSs is available through Skagit County's loan program funded by Ecology's Centennial Clean Water fund.

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