Proprietary Treatment Products Emergency Rule

Emergency Rule Adoption - Chapter 246-272A-0110

The Washington State Department of Health (department), working with the State Board of Health, adopted an emergency rule to allow on-site sewage systems (OSS) proprietary treatment products to be operated and maintained with the best components available during an ongoing supply chain shortage.

This rule is effective: June 15, 2022

Emergency rule expiration date: October 13, 2022

This emergency rule:

  • Allows manufacturers to propose changes to the department for retrofitting components of their proprietary products.
  • Ensures proprietary products are not negatively impacted in their treatment, operation, or maintenance.
  • Ensures public health and environmental protections are maintained while limiting negative impacts to home sales and construction.

We are investigating a long-term solution to consider as part of the permanent rulemaking while this emergency rule is in effect.

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Information for Manufacturers

          Manufacturers of products impacted by a supply chain shortage can submit to the department a written plan that ensures proprietary systems are not negatively impacted in their treatment, operation, or maintenance.

Once the department receives the written plan, we will be in contact if there are any questions or concerns. Manufacturers will receive written notification from the department when we approve the plan.


For more information about the rule making or Wastewater Management Section (WWMS) contact:

Jeremy Simmons, WWMS manager, 360-236-3346

Roger Parker, WWMS staff, 360-489-5305

Peter Beaton, rules coordinator, 360-236-4031