Title 70 WAC Rule Revision


Substitute House Bill 2246 Title 70 Updates

On February 22, 2022, the Department of Health (department) held a virtual public hearing adopting the proposed amendments updating multiple Washington Administrative Code (WAC) chapters per requirements of Substitute House Bill 2246 (SHB 2246), Chapter 20, Laws of 2020.  

SHB 2246 reorganized the statutory chapters of Title 70 Revised Code of Washington (RCW) into two titles to better sort the chapters according to public health and safety, and environmental health and safety as follows:

  • Title 70 RCW, Public Health and Safety, and 
  • Title 70A RCW, Environmental Health and Safety 

The adopted rules corrected the RCW citations that were affected by the reorganization of Title 70 RCW into two titles and included non-substantive clarifying edits. 

The rule will be effective on April 9, 2022

CR-103P Rule-Making Order (PDF)

For more information, contact Nina Helpling at shb2246@doh.wa.gov or call 360-236-3065.