Water Recreation Facilities Rule Revision

What's Happening?

We are revising the water recreation rules (Chapter 246-260 WAC and Chapter 246-262 WAC). These rules outline requirements necessary to protect the health, safety, and welfare of users of water recreation facilities and recreational water contact facilities. We are considering amending these rules to adopt the CDC’s Model Aquatic Health Code (MAHC) standards


RCW 70.90.120 gives the authority to adopt rules for water recreation and directs staff to review and consider the CDC’s most recent version of the Model Aquatic Health Code (MAHC). The MAHC was updated in 2018 and 2023 however the rules have not been revised to reflect current practices.

The purpose of this rulemaking is to revise the water recreation rules to reflect current practices outlined in the MAHC, where appropriate.

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Technical Advisory Committee

A technical advisory committee (TAC), consisting of subject matter experts outlined in WAC 246-260-191, has been convened to address discrepancies and begin drafting rule language. The TAC meets on the first Tuesday of every month. As the TAC finalizes sections of draft rules, they’ll be posted here for review.

Recorded Meetings

March 5, 2024 TAC Meeting

February 6, 2024 TAC Meeting

January 2, 2024 TAC Meeting

December 5, 2023 TAC Meeting

November 7, 2023 TAC Meeting

October 3, 2023 TAC Meeting

September 5, 2023 TAC Meeting

August 1, 2023 TAC Meeting 

July 13, 2023 TAC Kickoff Meeting

Review Draft Rules

Design and Construction Standards

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Rulemaking Files

Document What's This? Date Filed
CR-101 (PDF) Preproposal Statement of Inquiry Announces intent of rulemaking December 13, 2016


Ashlie Laydon, Rules Coordinator

Andrew Kamali, SBOH Policy Advisor

Alyssa Payne, Public Health Advisor

David DeLong, Water Recreation Program Lead