2024 WTN Youth Science Contest Winners

Washington Tracking Network Youth Science Contest 2024

We received many amazing submissions to this year's Washington Tracking Network Youth Science Contest. It’s great to see the diversity of health issues the students care about. Participants showed creativity, insight, and critical thinking in their projects.

Congratulations to all our winners!

We invite you to explore the winning projects below.

Health Science - Individual Division

1st Place - Correlation Between Breast Cancer Cases and Socioeconomic Status in Washington State, by Anisha Upasani, Tesla STEM High School Slideshow (PDF)

2nd Place - The Impact of Environmental Recreational Opportunities on Obesity Rates in Washington Counties, by Ulee Klebeck, Lakeside School Virtual Poster (PDF)

3rd Place - Drug Abuse in Washington, by a student who wishes to not be identified


Health Science - Group Division

1st Place - The Association Between Socioeconomic Status and BMI of Teens in Washington State, by Isaac Lee and Mateo Stevens, Shorecrest High School Paper (PDF)

2nd Place - Yakima Unveiled: Poverty and Opioid Overdose Relations, by Sophia Tyrrell and Alexa Garcia, Selah High School Virtual Poster (PDF)

3rd Place (tie) - Asthmatic Hospitalizations, by Aaron Chen and Haakon Jakobsen, Shorecrest High School Slideshow (PDF)

3rd Place (tie) - Exploring the Relationship Between Tobacco use and Lung Cancer Risk, by Valeria Montalvo and Genavieve Gamache, Selah High School Virtual Poster (PDF)

Science Communication - Individual Division

1st Place - Pop One, Life’s Done, by Aditi Marehalli, Liberty High School Social Media Campaign (PDF) and context paper (PDF)

2nd Place (tie) - Carry Naloxone. It Saves Lives, by Seyoung Kim, Bellevue High School Social Media Campaign (PDF) and context paper (PDF)

2nd Place (tie) - Empowering Teens for Safer Roads Tomorrow, by Ava Chen, Bellevue High School Flyers (PDF) and context paper (PDF)

3rd Place - It Kills More Than Just Bugs; Could Pesticide Illness Affect You?, by Doodle Dahlen, Shorecrest High School Infographic (JPG)

Science Communication - Group Division

1st Place - Carbon Monoxide: the Silent Killer, by Lily Fredericks, Klara Darby, and Lauren Selin, Shorecrest High School Slideshow (PDF)

2nd Place - Mental Health in the Youth of Washington, by Inesh Dey and Iris Dey, Tesla STEM High School Webpage

3rd Place - Heart Attacks in Washington State, by Jack Wheatley and Thurston Reese, Shorecrest High School

Program and Policy Design - Individual Division

1st Place - Agricultural Disparities, by Rebecca Rhodes, Shorecrest High School Slideshow (PDF)

2nd Place - Correlation of Household Income to High School Graduation Rate, by Aaryan Gaurav, Bellevue High School Virtual Poster (PDF)

3rd Place - Rural Maternal Care, by Toa Ghatak, Shorecrest High School Slideshow (PDF)

Program and Policy Design - Group Division

1st Place - Addressing Socioeconomic Disparities: Strategies for Promoting Access to Healthy Foods and Improving Health Equity in Washington State, by Keerthi Rajesh and Naman Mutalik Desai, Tesla STEM High School Paper (PDF)

2nd Place - Native American Mental Health Disparities, by Erin Baek and Millie Wang, Shorecrest High School


3rd Place - Nutrition Wellness Initiative, by Jeeya Alag and Kaylee Ro, Eastlake High School Paper (PDF)

Honorable Mentions

This year we received several projects that received high scores within their division from our judges, but did not meet all the contest requirements. These projects were not eligible for winning, but deserve recognition for their high quality. 

Have a Happy Heart, by Cassie Chesnut, Wyatt Kimball, and Cambria Metcalf-Lindenburger, Shorecrest High School, and a student who wishes to not be identified Virtual Poster (PNG)

Be There. Be Aware, by Aja Njie and Nuhamin Tesfihuen, Shorecrest High School Slideshow (PDF) and paper (PDF)

Opioid Overdoses, by Hannah Lee, Anica, Molly Musquiz, and Clara Pettiross, Shorecrest High School 

Abortions in Washington State, by Cecilia Twito, Jaclyn Deiparine, Linnea Claar, and another student, Shorecrest High School Fact Sheet (PDF) and paper (PDF)