Hospital Construction Standards Rules Project

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Hospital Construction Standards Rules Project: 2018-2019


Hospital licensing construction standards set minimum requirements for new construction and renovation of licensed hospitals. Healthcare design and construction processes are complex and highly specialized. The design and construction industry constantly evolves to include new materials, technologies and methods. It is in the interest and safety of the public and the healthcare system to have facilities designed to the most current standards.

On August 8, 2018, the Department of Health's (department) Office of Community Health Systems, Construction Review Services unit officially filed a CR-101 (pre-proposal statement of inquiry) with the Office of the Code Reviser to open chapter 246-320 WAC (construction standards only) for possible modification, WSR #18-17-045. This rulemaking process will consider aligning our state licensing standards with current national construction standards. Potential rules revisions would allow facilities and designers to use new construction methods and technologies.

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The Department's rule-making process


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