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Expected Submission Review Time is 75 days (More about our timeline)

What does this mean for my project? For planning purposes it’s important to understand that this estimate of review time is not the time it takes to review an entire project or receive a facility license.  A “submission” means a distinct set of information (typically plans, specifications, programs, etc.) given to construction review to analyze for compliance with state rules. After a submission is reviewed, there will often be comments that must be responded to and drawings that must be revised. After your design team revises plans and responds to comments, they submit those revisions as a new "submission." A project will often take several submissions to complete.

The number above is a rough estimate for an average submission. Submissions for larger projects will take longer. The construction review program experiences significant shifts in workload and bandwidth, so it’s always best to contact your assigned plan reviewer to get a more accurate read on how long a particular review may take.

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Construction Review Services (CRS) helps people create environments that support safe and healthy care. We work to protect the health of people in Washington State by ensuring that licensed facilities are designed and constructed to be compliant with minimum safety standards. CRS works with owners and designers during all phases of a project to:

  • verify compliance with minimum standards;
  • encourage best practices; and
  • provide timely technical input to help achieve these goals.

CRS also develops construction standards for state licensing and works with national code development organizations to create effective and coordinated codes.

Please note that many physical or functional changes to licensed facilities require formal review by CRS. We encourage Electronic Plan Review for all projects. If you have any questions about the reviewability of your project, contact us.