Initial License and Change of Ownership

Initial License

  • New hospitals must have an active license before operating.
  • A change in ownership is processed like an initial license application.

The following steps are necessary when applying for a new hospital license or changing ownership:

  1. Contact the Certificate of Need program to initiate the Certificate of Need review.
  2. After obtaining certificate of need approval, contact the department's Construction Review Services at 360-236-2944 before starting construction for review and approval of construction documents.
  3. Submit a hospital licensing application:
  4. Submit a current (within the past three months) disclosure statement and background check on the administrator.
  5. Submit the appropriate fee to the department, as applicable.

Change of Ownership

In addition to the above requirements, the current owner must submit in writing the following:

  • Cover letter indicating changes occurring
  • Full names, addresses, and phone numbers of current and new owner
  • Name, address, and phone number of currently licensed hospital
  • Name under which the agency will operate
  • Date of proposed change of ownership