Agency Affiliated Counselor

New Credentials: Certified and Licensed AACs

The department has issued a policy statement about applying for the new agency affiliated counselor credentials (PDF) (to be referenced until the rules are updated).

The passage of 2SHB 1724 created two new types of agency affiliated counselor (AAC) credentials that go into effect immediately. The certified AAC has a bachelor’s degree requirement and the licensed AAC has an advanced degree requirement. We anticipate both of these being available in July 2023, and we will take applications at that time.

Registered AACs who have been previously designated as an MHP can continue to practice under their current credential and should apply for the licensed AAC about three months before their expiration date. Because there is currently no bachelor's level designation, individuals who wish to obtain the certified AAC credential will need to apply before they can practice under the expanded scope of practice of the new profession.

More information is on our Rules in Progress webpage and our Frequently Asked Questions webpage

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