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Fee Schedule

See fee information below

The following non-refundable fees will be charged for certificates.

Non-Refundable Fee Type Fee Amount
Application for certificate $95
Renewal of certificate $90
Late renewal penalty $50
Expired certificate reissuance $50
Duplicate certificate $10
Verification of credential $15

WAC 246-72-990 – Refund of fees

Fees submitted with applications for initial certificates, renewal, and other fees are non-refundable.

Certification Requirements

See certification requirements below



  • You must be 21 years of age or older as required under WAC 246-72.

Verification documents

  • Proof of successful completion of the training from the program where the applicant completed the training. Provide copy of the front and back of the training certificate.
  • Verification of completion of a cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) course. Provide copy of front and back of the CPR card.
  • Proof of 21 years of age or older. Acceptable forms of proof are a copy of your valid driver's license or other government-issued identification card, United States passport, or certified birth certificate. Note: If your legal name has changed since birth, please provide legal documentation of your name change. Legal documentation may include an official marriage certificate or an order by a court.

Process for approving and denying applications

Credentialing staff members review the application and supporting documents to make an initial determination on eligibility. Applications that have questionable data answers or have questionable verifying documents are forwarded to the exception application process for determination by the appropriate disciplining authority. If an application is denied, the applicant will be formally notified and have the opportunity for a hearing.

Renewal requirements

Certifications must be renewed every year by your birthday. A courtesy renewal notice will be mailed to your address that we have on record. You must keep your address current with us and complete all continuing education requirements. Any renewal postmarked or presented to the department after midnight on the expiration date is late.

Note: Certified consultants may provide consultant services only while employed in a retail store with a medical endorsement.

Approved Training Programs

Approved programs providing consultant certification training

The Department of Health has approved three training programs. Contact information for registration and training type (online or in-person) are listed below:

Advanced Learning Management System from Medical Marijuana 411
Training type: Online
Contact information: 844-411-0500 ext. 813
P.O. Box 2782
Redmond, WA 98052
Register here

Medical Marijuana Institute-MMJI
Training type: In-person
Contact information: 206-228-5943
18601 Hwy 99, Suite 230
Lynnwood, WA 98037
Register here

The Seattle Central College Cannabis Institute and the Academy of Cannabis Science
Training type: Online
Contact information: 206-934-5448
1701 Broadway
Seattle, WA 98122
Register here

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Continuing Education (CE) Requirements

See CE requirements below

Certificate holders must complete a minimum of 10 hours of continuing education each year in order to renew their certificate. Continuing education hours may be earned through in-person or seminars, lectures, workshops and professional conferences or through distance learning webinars, audio/video broadcasting, teleconferencing, e-learning, or webcasts.

Acceptable topics:

  • Washington state laws and rules relating to cannabis
  • Science-based information about cannabis
  • Addiction and substance abuse
  • Communication skills
  • Professional ethics and values

Topics not acceptable:

  • Business and management courses
  • Healthcare training unrelated to cannabis
  • Any topic unrelated to the practice parameters of a medical cannabis consultant.

Documentation of completion:

A certificate holder must provide acceptable documentation of completion of continuing education hours upon request of the secretary or an audit. Acceptable forms of documentation are:

  • Transcripts
  • Certificate of completion, or
  • Other formal documentation, which includes:
      • Participant's name
      • Course title
      • Course content
      • Date(s) of course
      • Provider's name(s) and
      • Signature of the program sponsor or course instructor. Distance learning courses are exempt from the signature requirement.
    • A certificate holder must verify compliance by submitting a signed declaration of compliance.

    Other important information:

    • Under WAC 246-72-100, continuing education is required every year around the time of renewal.
    • Continuing education hours will not be carried over from one reporting period to another.
    • Up to 25 percent of certificate holders are randomly audited for continuing education compliance after the credential is renewed. It's the certificate holder's responsibility to submit documentation of completed continuing education activities at the time of the audit. Failure to comply with the audit documentation request or failure to supply acceptable documentation within 60 days may result in suspension or revocation of the certificate.
    • A certificate holder must maintain records of continuing education completion for at least four years.