Data Requests

Thank you for your interest in requesting data from the Washington Emergency Medical Services Information System (WEMSIS). WEMSIS is the Washington State data repository for EMS responses. As you fill out this form, be aware of the following information: 

  • Each record in WEMSIS pertains to a single response by an EMS unit. If you desire patient level data, be mindful that you may receive records from multiple EMS units dispatched to the same patient at a single incident. These records often do not share the same incident number but could be linked using patient and scene information.    
Year Estimate Percent of EMS Records in WEMSIS
2018 71-74%
2019 74-77%
2020 81-90% 
2021 90-91% 
2022 91-92% 
  • Data submitted to WEMSIS follow the standard of the national EMS data system, NEMSIS. For information on what data may be available, see the NEMSIS Version 3.5 Dictionary (PDF).
  • Data fields will vary in how often they are documented. Any field classified by NEMSIS as “Mandatory” or “Required” will be documented more often, while fields marked “Recommended” or “Optional” will be less complete. See the WEMSIS Data Quality Report for more information on completeness of select fields. 
  • Per RCW 70.168.090, data elements related to the identification of individual patient's, provider's and facility's care outcomes are considered confidential, and may require a data sharing agreement or approval from the Washington State Institutional Review Board (WSIRB).For information on the WSIRB review process, please visit Human Research Review Section | DSHS (  

Please fill out and submit the form below to begin your data request. Once submitted, we will review the request and follow-up regarding next steps within five business days. Please ensure all contact information is correct before submitting your request.  

If you have any other questions, feel free to contact us. Thank you. 

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