Washington EMS Information System (WEMSIS)

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The Washington Emergency Medical Services (EMS) Information System, WEMSIS, is the state's prehospital data repository for electronic patient care records.  

Submission to WEMSIS supports: 

  • Description of statewide incidents of medical and injury emergencies 
  • Identification of quality improvement measures 
  • Evaluation of measures for process and policy improvement 
  • Internal and external benchmarking 
  • Local and regional leadership through data competency and evidence-based decision making 

Electronic prehospital data gives instant access to existing records. It allows services, counties, and regions to identify best practices and improve EMS response and patient outcomes. The Department of Health gives destination hospitals WEMSIS access to enhance the continuity of care. 

Currently, WEMSIS captures over 90% of overall EMS responses in near real time. 

The WEMSIS program provides regular reporting at all levels:  

  • Supports national, state, and regional quality improvement initiatives 
  • Surveils regional and county opioid overdoses 
  • Engages EMS stakeholders in report development to address local protocol needs 
  • Assists partners, communities, and research organizations in accessing data, with a focus on health equity 

With final rules coming in the beginning of 2024, all licensed aid and ambulance services will be mandated to report to WEMSIS.

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