Adverse Events Check-in Survey

Check-in Survey

The Department of Health implemented a quarterly check-in survey for facilities that don't have an adverse event to report. Facility staff members are asked to notify the department each calendar quarter, or every three months as to whether or not they had an adverse event.

The check-in survey has three questions and takes a brief moment to complete. The survey link is sent via email to a designated contact person at each facility. The email is sent 15 days after the end of each reporting quarter. Non-respondents will receive additional email reminders after seven and 14 days. Staff members that haven't reported an event for that quarter and haven't responded to the survey will be contacted. Check-in responses are due 45 days after the end of the reporting quarter. The department includes results of the check-in survey in the quarterly reports.

Please contact our office if the point of contact person or email for your facility has changed. Send an email to with updated contact information.

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