Isolation and Quarantine Guidelines and Forms

Isolation and quarantine are key strategies to reduce the spread of COVID-19. Learn about isolation and quarantine for COVID-19

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Isolation and quarantine forms and resources

The forms found on this page can be used by Local Health Officers when they find it necessary to isolate or quarantine individuals. The forms are in Word format. To use the forms, open a copy, save it to your computer and complete it there.

Options for Initiating Quarantine or Isolation - WAC 246-100-040

Local Health Officers have three options for initiating the quarantine or isolation of an individual. The procedure chosen should be based on the amount of cooperation expected from the individual to be quarantined or isolated.

Local Health Officer Request for Voluntary Quarantine - WAC 246-100-040(1)

Likely to be used when:

Local Health Officer is confident the quarantined individual will comply


  • The term “isolation” is not used in this request, as isolation is used when a person already has symptoms. This person would need care in a hospital or hospital-like setting, as opposed to a voluntary quarantine to home or other residential-type setting.
  • The last part of the form calls for an attachment. The types of local resources which should be considered are telephone numbers for crisis clinic, mental health clinics, alcoholics anonymous, domestic violence counselors, or other support groups. The attachment should also inform the quarantined individual how to access basic necessities, e.g. Red Cross volunteers, volunteers from local faith-based organizations, whatever organizations the Local Health Jurisdiction has enlisted and educated to safely assist the quarantined individuals.

Use the following form:

Local Health Officer Order for Involuntary Isolation or Quarantine - WAC 246-100-040(3)

Likely to be used when: Not as confident the individual will comply with a Voluntary Request for Voluntary Isolation or Quarantine; when the Local Health Officer believes the formality of the order with police enforcement and fine will better ensure compliance, or there is no time or ability to secure a Court Order (i.e., person ready to leave jurisdiction, need to impose quarantine on a weekend or at night and no prearrangements were made to locate a judge in an emergency).

Use the following forms:

Court Order for Involuntary Isolation or Quarantine - WAC 246-100-040(4)

Likely to be used when: Not confident that individual will comply with either Request or Local Health Officer Order; Local Health Officer believes that it may be necessary to move to a contempt of court proceeding with the threat of incarceration and/or greater fine to secure the individual; as a supplement to the Local Health Officer Order for Involuntary Isolation or Quarantine (both can be obtained, i.e. not mutually exclusive).

Note: There are two sets of pleadings here. WAC 246-100-040(4)(vi) provides for these two methods, which affects what the Local Health Officer must include in his or her declaration. That is the reason for the two sets of pleadings. Take note of the footer to see which pleading is being used.

When no attempt is made to seek voluntary compliance due to the serious and imminent risk to the public, use the following forms:

When voluntary compliance was sought, but the individual refused or otherwise indicated that he or she would not comply, use the following forms:

Options for Non-compliance

If you used used the Local Health Officer Request for Voluntary Quarantine initially, then use the forms in either of the above sections:

If you used the Local Health Officer Order for Involuntary Isolation or Quarantine initially, then use the forms in the section above:

If used Court Order for Involuntary Isolation or Quarantine Initially, then
Seek an order from the court finding the individual in contempt of court under chapter 7.21 RCW (incarceration and/or fine up to $2,000 per day).

Note: Given potential exposure to others, imprisonment might take the form of electronic monitoring at the quarantine site.

To Extend Isolation or Quarantine Period - WAC 246-100-040(5) (6)

Both the Local Health Officer Order and Court Order described above are valid for a maximum of ten days quarantine. If the Local Health Officer needs to extend the quarantine beyond ten days, only the Superior Court may order an extension for up to thirty days. If the individual is voluntarily complying, then the Local Health Officer may request the individual to continue in quarantine on a voluntary basis without seeking an order from the Court. There is no Local Health Officer Order extending an involuntary isolation or quarantine in WAC 246-100-040.

If a lawsuit was already filed in Superior Court because a Court Order for Involuntary Isolation or Quarantine was obtained, the extension can be requested by filing a motion with the Superior Court under the same cause number. Use the following forms:

If the involuntary quarantine is based solely on the Local Health Officer Order for Involuntary Isolation or Quarantine, no lawsuit has yet been filed, so the Local Health Jurisdiction will need to file a lawsuit using the summons and petition for order authorizing continued involuntary detention for quarantine or isolation. Use the following forms.

Note: WAC 246-100-040(6) authorizes another extension up to thirty days if so ordered by the Superior Court.

Release of individual from isolation or quarantine

Although it is not legally required, you may want to provide individuals who are released from quarantine or isolation with a letter or some written document that formally recognizes their cooperation and release and reduces the chance that they may be mistakenly reported for not complying with a quarantine or isolation request/order.