Signs for Medication and Health Care Centers

Below is a complete list of signs you can use in health care and medication centers. Advice about ways to use the signs can be found on the page about planning these emergency centers. The signs may be available in multiple languages, different formats. You will be able to customize the signs for your jurisdiction or facility.

The file may be presented in one or both of two formats:

  • Adobe InDesign format: High-quality files for printing larger signs through your local print-shop or customizing the signs for your location.

  • PDF format: For printing to smaller format printers or plotters.

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Medication Center/Health Care Center Signs

Moving through
the centers


Staff in vests

Waiting area; Please wait; Wait for staff

Authorized personnel only

At the Medication Center

Medication Center greeting/Exit

Four Simple Steps

Medication Center banner

Medical evaluation

Nurse station

No refills of medication

Adult line/Family line

At the Health Care Center

Three simple steps

Health Care Center banner

Entering and exiting

Entrance/No entrance

Staff/Volunteer entrance

Thank you for your cooperation

Exit/No exit

Assistance and
internal operations

Prohibited Items


Authorized personnel only

Incident Command Post

Staff in Vests

Signs for staff





Patient privacy

Interpretation and
special needs

Interpretation Tools

Clinical setting

Medical evaluation/First aid

Nurse station

Wash hands often

Cover Your Cough

Number and letter signs


Ambulance/Patient loading



Ambulance/Patient loading


Other signs

Emergency Preparedness Drill sign and banner