Eligibility and Registration for Public Health Data Exchange Under Promoting Interoperability Rule

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The Public Health Promoting Interoperability Eligibility Criteria will help determine the public health objectives for which you may register. If you are still uncertain, complete and submit the registration of intent so Department of Health staff can review your information and provide guidance.


Complete Your Registration of Intent

Step 1 of the Promoting Interoperability onboarding process for all objectives is to register your intent to submit electronic data with public health. A single registration may be used to register an eligible hospital, an eligible professional or clinic, or multiple clinics for one or more of the public health objectives.

Registering for Multiple Clinics

If registering for multiple clinics on one registration, information regarding all the clinics need to be entered separately in the electronic registration page. Clinics will NOT be considered registered until DOH staff receive complete information.

Registration Submission

Once you have submitted your registration, staff from the program areas for each of the objectives you selected will review your submission. Each program area will acknowledge the receipt of the registration separately. For example, if an eligible hospital registers for ELR and syndromic surveillance, that hospital will receive two separate acknowledgement emails.

Exchanging Data with DOH

OneHealthPort is the State Health Information Exchange (HIE) and preferred transport method for reporting data to the Washington State Department of Health. Please see program specific webpages for additional information about data transport.

The state HIE helps providers meet Promoting Interoperability public health reporting requirements by providing connectivity to the department. This allows providers to connect once through a single interface and trade an unlimited number of transactions with an unlimited number of trading partners. Clinics and hospitals registering their intent to submit data for the public health objectives will also need to contract with OneHealthPort in order to transport their data to the Department of Health using the HIE.