Health Information Exchange

Health Information Exchanges (HIE) allow health care professionals, providers, health systems and public health to securely exchange clinical or business information in standardized messages.

The OneHealthPort HIE design is a hub and spoke model with a single connection from each provider to the HIE. Data flows from the sending party to the HIE then to Washington State Department of Health systems. Once connected to the HIE, trading partners can send a variety of standard transactions with no limitation on volume to any number of trading partners in the HIE community. There are currently over 300 contracted organizations. Approximately 120 organizations representing over 2,000 facilities are currently submitting data.

Implementation and Connectivity

The HIE supports multiple formats, allowing a wide range of trading partners to easily exchange clinical information. The HIE supports and enables secure exchange of standard message types using common connection methods. The HIE allows the department and our partners to leverage a single hub to exchange data for an annual flat fee. By using a single hub for exchanging multiple data types, partners can reduce costs and help ensure sustainability. For more information please review our issue brief on the benefits of leveraging the HIE.

The HIE is strongly preferred by the Department of Health as the transport and connectivity method for exchanging data with all our public health systems that use clinical data. The following programs are already using the HIE:

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