In the United States, hearing loss is among the most common conditions present at birth, but it can easily be missed. When hearing loss is missed, it can lead to developmental delays. All newborn babies should be screened for hearing loss before being discharged from the hospital or by one month of age.

As a parent or caregiver, you can make sure your baby has every chance of catching hearing loss early by:

  • Knowing your baby's newborn hearing screening results
    (If you do not know the results or have questions about the results, contact your birthing facility or talk to your baby's doctor)
  • Taking your baby to have any follow-up testing that is recommended by his or her doctor
  • Starting early intervention services as soon as possible if your baby has hearing loss

Email EHDDI at ehddi2@doh.wa.gov or call 1-888-WAEHDDI (1-888-923-4334)