Order Newborn Screening Specimen Kits

Newborn Screening Card Ordering System

The Newborn Screening Card Ordering System is LIVE as of October 7th.

Visit the Newborn Screening Card Ordering System to complete your next order. Please use Chrome or Edge for your browser.

Newborn Screening Card Ordering System

Features include:
  • viewing order details
  • real-time status updates
  • tracking information
  • confirmation emails (Chrome and Edge compatible only).

Order your materials, including:

  • newborn screening collection kits (with or without the pink hearing insert)
  • blue hearing re-screen cards
  • educational pamphlets and extra envelopes.

If you are a new facility or have questions, please contact our program.

Use the NBS Card Ordering System Tutorial (PDF) for assistance.

Paper form

You can also complete and submit the Newborn Screening Supply Order Form (PDF).

  • Include your Facility ID# on all orders (midwives use M#).

What is included?

  1. One specimen collection card (optional pink hearing insert)
  2. One return envelope addressed to the Newborn Screening Laboratory
  3. One Newborn Screening educational pamphlet in English. Other languages available here.

Individual hearing re-screen cards (blue) are also available upon request.

What do collection cards look like?

Card with purple lines and circles for blood collection spots
Newborn Screening Collection Kits
Card with purple lines and yellow area at right
Kits with Pink Hearing Insert
blue card with text areas
Blue Hearing Re-screen Card

How do I fill out the cards?