Reporting Results to the Early Hearing Loss Detection, Diagnosis and Intervention (EHDDI) Program

Tests that Should be Reported to the EHDDI Program

  • Initial newborn hearing screens completed in a hospital (pink cards)
  • Rescreens (blue cards)
  • Diagnostic hearing evaluations for babies who did not pass a newborn hearing screen
  • Diagnostic hearing evaluations for babies who passed a newborn hearing screen but have neonatal risk factors for late onset or progressive hearing loss
Instructions for completing pink hearing screening cards (PDF)
Instructions for completing blue hearing screening cards (PDF)

Diagnostic Evaluation form (Word)

Instructions For Registering For The EHDDI Web Application (PDF) to report diagnostic evaluation results online (EHDDI getting started guide)

Instructions For Reporting Diagnostic Evaluation Results Using The EHDDI Web Application (PDF) (EHDDI web application guide)

Email EHDDI at
Or call 1-888-WAEHDDI (1-888-923-4334)