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Find links to quality, accurate information on health topics that are important to you. Each link is vetted by DOH’s Adolescent and Young Adult Health Team and reviewed by the Youth Advisory Council.

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Thank you to the Youth Advisory Council members who helped design this resource!

Healthcare Rights and Access


By Washington State Health Care Authority

Medicaid/Apple Health coverage of gender-affirming health care for trans and gender-diverse folks in Washington.

Tags: Help with cost, How to, Find a doctor, counselor or therapist, Sexual orientation and gender identity

YAC Approved

Healthcare Rights and Access

Wraparound with Intensive Services (WISe)

By Washington State Health Care Authority

Mental and behavioral health care services for 13-20 year olds with complex needs.

Tags: Find a doctor, counselor or therapist, Help with cost

Whole Body Health

Center for Young Women's Health

By Boston Children's Hospital

A-Z list of information guides on 200+ health-related topics.

Tags: Education, How to, Available in Spanish

Sexual and Reproductive Health


By Power to Decide

Interactive tool to compare birth control methods, sexual health content, and more.

Tags: Education, Activity, How to, Available in Spanish

YAC Approved YAC Favorite

Sexual and Reproductive Health


By Advocates for Youth

Animated and age-appropriate videos on sex ed, puberty, relationships, STIs, pregnancy, LGBTQIA2S+ identity, and more.

Tags: Video, How to, Education

YAC Approved

Find credible health information on topics you care about

Teen Health Hub WA features a list of carefully selected online health information and resources on important health topics teens and young adults have asked us about. Find information on physical health and regular checkups, sexual and reproductive health, mental and behavioral health, dating and relationships, and understanding the health care system.

Every “resource card” contains a link to information, services, or another health resource. Use the tags and filters to find resource cards for different topics. Click on a card to check it out and learn more.

Do you know of a great resource that should be included in the Hub? Send us an email at AdolescentHealthUnit@doh.wa.gov to share your ideas!

We make sure resources and information are trustworthy

Our team reviewed every site to make sure the source is reputable, authors are trustworthy, claims are backed up with facts, and the information is up-to-date. Most of these resources were developed specifically for—and often with—teens and young adults. In addition, each resource was reviewed by a member of the DOH Youth Advisory Council – we tagged their favorites so they’re easy to find. It is always important to use good judgment when looking through these resources.

Learning about which resources you can trust can help build your digital literacy. Digital literacy means the knowledge, skills, and attitudes that promote safety and success in the digital world. We vet these resources because we know that it’s easy to look up health information online, and it can also be hard to know what to trust. You will likely find questionable or even false information when looking for answers to your health questions. Learning to identify misinformation or false information is critical to digital literacy. When in doubt, do more research.

We check on each resource every year to make sure it stays up-to-date and meets DOH standards. If you see something that doesn’t seem right, please get in touch. DOH is not affiliated with the organizations listed unless explicitly stated on their website or in the text under a resource card.

This web page is supported in part by Grant Number TP2AH000062 from the HHS Office of Population Affairs and the Title V Maternal Child Health Block Grant from the HHS Health Resource Service Administration. Contents are solely the responsibility of the authors and do not necessarily represent the official views of the Department of Health and Human Services or the Office of Population Affairs.