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URGENT RECALL: Abbott has issued a recall for their Similac Powder formulas.
  • Similac Powder - Advance, Total Comfort, Sensitive, and Spit Up
  • Alimentum Powder
  • EleCare Powder
Bottom of Similac bottle showing lot number 22-37 expiration date April 2022 or later

To find out if the product you have is included in this recall, click here to look up your lot number.

If your product is included in the recall, visit the WIC Authorized Infant Formula page for more details.

Contact your health care provider to report their symptoms and receive immediate care if your infant is experiencing symptoms, such as:

  • poor feeding
  • irritability
  • temperature changes
  • jaundice (yellow skin and whites of the eyes)
  • grunting breaths
  • abnormal movements
  • lethargy
  • rash
  • blood in the urine or stool

Don’t dilute infant formula. Always follow the manufacturer’s instructions on the can to prepare formula. Learn more here.  Additionally, the FDA advises parents and caregivers to not make or feed homemade infant formula to infants.

For the latest news, visit the DOH Newsroom.