Student Head Injury Concussion Reporting

Student Head Injury Information Reporting 

House Bill 2731 requires public schools to report when a student gets a concussion during athletic or other activities.  

We are currently developing the tracking tool, resources, and reporting process. The tool is expected to be available to schools in August 2022. Training on using the tool will be held then.  

information for the tracking tool will be added to this page when it is ready. 

What can be reported? 

Only concussions diagnosed by a licensed health care provider trained in the evaluation of concussions and brain injuries need to be reported.  

The reporting tool is set up for schools to include any school activity, such as: 

  • physical education 
  • arts 
  • recreation 
  • academic activities or events.  

This includes concussions that happened during activities and travel for school sanctioned activities off site of the home school site, such as field trips or away games.  

It also allows for some reporting of diagnosed concussions that occur outside of school but might impact the student’s ability to play sports or participate in the classroom, such as a concussion received from a car crash or personal student recreational activity reported to the school.   

Schools should submit a report for each student that is diagnosed with a concussion.  

When should reports be submitted? 

All reports must be submitted by June 30 of the current school year. The report can be submitted as soon as the concussion is diagnosed or at any time after the injury. When and how often they are submitted, is up to each individual school. The reporting tool will be available and active continuously.  

Who submits the report? 

Each school can determine who submits their student head injury reporting. This may be a: 

  • school nurse 
  • athletic director 
  • athletic trainer 
  • coach 
  • concussion management team leader 
  • other school staff/personnel designated as the reporter   

Accessing the tool and other helpful resources

Draft version of the tool for school review and comment – Student Concussion Reporting Tool link

Webinars and Training Videos

Register – August 24 webinar 2:00 PM -3:00 PM

Register – September 29 webinar 9:00 AM -10:00 AM