Student Head Injury Information Reporting 

House Bill 2731 requires public schools to report when a student gets a concussion during athletic or other activities. In October 2023, the Department of Health released the 2023 Student Head Injuries Legislative Report which provides an overview of the data collected from schools on student concussions during the 2022-2023 school year.

The Student Head Injury Reporting Tool (SHIRT) is now available for reporting for the 2023 – 2024 school year. Concussions occurring from July 1, 2023  through end of the school year in 2024 for school activities or athletics can be reported through June 30, 2024.

Accessing the Tool

Please note the previous link to the 2022-2023 form has closed and is no longer valid. You must use the link below for proper reporting. Please note that the structure of this year’s form has changed to improve reporting. This has resulted in a change to the Excel tracking spreadsheet and the PDF form. If you are utilizing those forms you must download the new forms at the links below.

SHIRT - online reporting form - Use this form to submit your report, one injury at a time. You may use the PDF and Spreadsheet, linked below, to help track and prepare your report. This form should only be used by authorized school personnel and associates for reporting of student concussions.

SHIRT Preview (PDF) - This PDF is a copy of the SHIRT online reporting form. It does NOT need to be filled out and is only intended to show the questions that are on the form.

SHIRT tracking spreadsheet (Excel) - This spreadsheet can help prepare and track head injuries, before submitting them to SHIRT. It is intended strictly for schools to use within their systems and should NOT be submitted. It may contain individual identifying information of the student. All reporting submissions should be done through SHIRT online reporting link.

Key changes to the 2023-2024 school year form include revised question order and improved question branching; added drop down selections for school district; added radio button quick selections for student grade and student age; added options for several questions to quickly describe injury and location; added questions related to previous concussions and loss of instruction time. Location of injury question now includes several pre-defined options to clarify intended information. Final question allows for any details or additional information to be added for clarification.

For technical assistance email the TBI Coordinator at or call 360.236.2863

What can be reported? 

Schools are only required to report student concussions sustained during athletics or other school activities, that have been diagnosed by a medical professional with credentials of MD, DO, ARNP, or PA.    

Schools can report diagnosed concussions that occur outside of school but might impact the student’s ability to play sports or participate in the classroom, such as a concussion received from a car crash or personal student recreational activity reported to the school. These concussions are not required to be reported.

Schools should submit a report for each student that is diagnosed with a concussion. Each new concussion for the same student should be reported as a separate concussion. 

When should reports be submitted? 

All reports must be submitted by June 30 of the current school year. The report can be submitted as soon as the concussion is diagnosed or at any time after the injury. When and how often they are submitted, is up to each individual school. The reporting tool will be available and active continuously.  

Who submits the report? 

Each school can determine who submits their student head injury reporting. The person completing the reporting does not have to be the same as the person making the diagnosis. If the reporter is different than the diagnose you should work collaboratively to collect and report the most accurate data available. Examples of possible reporters:  

  • school nurse 
  • athletic director 
  • athletic trainer 
  • coach 
  • concussion management team leader 
  • other school staff/personnel designated as the reporter   

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Webinars and Training Videos

We are developing a new video showing the new version of the tool. You can watch the 2022-2023 recorded training below for general information about the tool and accessing the tool until the new version is posted.

How to use the DOH Student Concussion Report Tool for Schools (YouTube).