Medical Cannabis Consultant Trainer

Consultant Trainer Application Process and Instruction

Consultant Trainer Application Process and Instruction
To apply to be a trainer for the medical cannabis consultant certification training program, you must follow these instructions.

Step 1: Read all instructions before downloading the proposed consultant training application packet (PDF).

Step 2: Review the application instructions checklist on page 1 to be sure your application is complete. Additional documents that are required to be submitted with the application are listed on page 2. Complete all the information on pages 3 and 4 and sign in section 4 of the application. Note: There are three items that may not apply to your training program, in which you may enter not applicable or N/A if any of these don't apply to your training program:

  • Federal ID Number
  • Workforce Training and Education Coordinating Board License ID (This is only required if the total training course hours exceeds 24 hours and shouldn't apply to this course)
  • Email and Web Address (if your business doesn't have one)

Step 3: Mail your application and supplemental documents to:

Medical Cannabis Program Proposed Consultant Training Application
P.O. Box 47877
Olympia, WA 98504-7877

*All applications, including renewals, are handled by the department's Office of Customer Service. If you have questions regarding application content, contact the Office of Customer Service at 360-236-4700. 

Application Review Process

Training program applications and all required supplemental documentation will be reviewed for completeness upon receipt. Training program providers will be contacted by the credentialing department if any outstanding documentation is needed to complete the process.

  • Completed application packets will then be reviewed by department program staff. Program staff will provide technical assistance if the proposal is not fully compliant with the rules. The secretary of the Department of Health must approve all medical cannabis consultant training programs before classes can be offered. If a program does not meet the requirements following reasonable technical assistance, it will not be approved.
  • Proposed medical cannabis consultant training program trainers will be notified of approval or denial in writing by the department.
  • Contact information for approved training programs are listed on the department's web site.
  • If a training program is approved, they must notify the department prior to making any changes to the original application proposal.

Approved programs providing consultant certification training

The Department of Health has approved three training programs. Contact information for registration and training type (online or in-person) are listed below:

Advanced Learning Management System from Medical Marijuana 411
Training type: Online
Contact information: 844-411-0500 ext. 813
P.O. Box 2782
Redmond, WA 98052
Register here

Green CulturED
Training type: Online
Contact information: 720-446-8847
757 E. 20th Ave., Ste. 370-439
Denver, CO 80205
Register here

The Seattle Central College Cannabis Institute and the Academy of Cannabis Science
Training type: Online
Contact information: 206-934-5448
1701 Broadway
Seattle, WA 98122
Register here