Program Plans and Reports

Safe Medication Return is funded by manufacturers of covered drugs and implemented by program operators according to plans approved by the Department of Health.

Program Operators
  • place and maintain drug collection kiosks.
  • provide free, prepaid, preaddressed mail-back envelopes and packages.
  • organize, manage, and fund take-back events.
  • package, transport, and dispose of collected drugs.
  • make sure the public, pharmacists, and other health care professionals understand why and how to safely dispose of household over-the-counter and prescription and over-the-counter medications (including medications for household pets).
  • provide reports to the department
  • coordinate to provide a website and toll-free number where people can locate all kiosks and mailer distributors, order mail-back supplies, ask questions, and find information about disposing of medication appropriately.
844-482-5322 (844-4TAKE-BACK) TTY 711

Approved Program Plans
Proposed Program Plans

The department will review new proposals from potential program operators beginning July 1, 2024. To submit a proposal, email us a program operator application and your proposal.

Beginning July 1, 2024, the department will also review updated plans from current approved program operators.

Program Operator Reports

MED-Project 2019 Annual Report (PDF) Does not include operational information since plan was approved in 2020.


MED-Project plan was approved May 25, 2020 and fully implemented November 21, 2020.



Note: Collection reports do not include weight of covered drugs collected through mailers or drug take-back events.

Questions, concerns or complaints?

Contact the Department of Health by email or call 360-236-4698 if you have any questions, concerns, or complaints about oversight, enforcement, and program compliance.

Contact one of the state-approved program operators with questions, concerns, or complaints about kiosks, mailers, and take-back events.

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