Covered Services

The Early Intervention Program (EIP) provides help to eligible persons with HIV to get medical care and support to improve their health. This can include help with medical appointments and laboratory tests, dental care, HIV drugs and health insurance premiums.

EIP's eligibility and services can change. Please call us for information at 360-236-3426 or 877-376-9316 (toll free).

Medical and Mental Health Care

  • EIP pays for limited HIV-related provider visits and tests.
  • Clients must go to providers and labs that contract with EIP.
  • For clients with insurance, EIP covers insurance deductibles, copays, and coinsurance. These costs must be for services listed on the Medical Schedule of Coverage and Maximum Allowances (PDF).

What services are covered?

Medical Schedule of Coverage and Maximum Allowances (PDF)
List of medical services and the maximum amount covered for those services.

What dental services are covered?

Not all EIP clients qualify for dental services through our program. For clients that qualify, EIP pays for these dental covered services (PDF). For questions, call us toll free (in Washington State) at 877-376-9316, or e-mail us at

Which providers accept EIP?

Find an ADAP/EIP provider using our interactive map below.

  • Use the search box above the map to select the type of care you need. The map will display locations of providers for the type of care you chose. You will see a list beneath the map with name, type of service, location and contact information.
  • When selecting a contracted provider office, keep in mind there is no guarantee they are accepting new patients. Contact the provider office you select to check availability and type of insurance accepted. New providers are added often so check back for updates.

Complete List of Contracted Providers (PDF)

Insurance Company or Plan Complaints

Complaints about an insurance company or plan are handled through the Office of the Insurance Commissioner (OIC). Go to the OIC website to submit your complaint.

What do I do if I receive a medical bill?

FAQ for medical bills - instructions for clients (PDF)