Drugs and Medications

How Do I Get My Medications?

The Early Intervention Program (EIP) helps eligible residents of Washington State get health care for their HIV. EIP is a program of the Washington State Department of Health. EIP contracts with Ramsell Corp to provide Pharmacy Benefit Services for EIP clients.

Ramsell Pharmacy Benefit ID Card and Instructions

Ramsell Corp is the contracted pharmacy benefits manager for the Early Intervention Program (EIP).

To find a pharmacy in your area that can provide you with HIV drugs, go to the Ramsell Corp website and look on the left side of the page to find the pharmacy locator tool. Fill in your city, zip code and county, and hit the locate button.

What drugs does the Early Intervention Program (EIP) cover?

EIP maintains a list of medications (formulary) to treat HIV and many related conditions. To see what drugs are covered by EIP, go to the Ramsell Corp website and click on 'What Drugs Are Covered?' under Frequently Asked Questions.