Submit Foods for Review - Vendors

Washington WIC is only able to provide foods that are on our Authorized Product List (APL). When people or companies submit new foods, we conduct a review of the item to verify the product meets all WIC requirements. Once verified, we can add it to the APL and WIC participants will have the choice to buy the item. 

Current Status of WA WIC Food Reviews  


  1. WA WIC expects that USDA Food and Nutrition Services will publish the new food rules in April 2024.
  • Once USDA publishes the new food rules, please follow the instructions below to submit products for review.


  1. Completed Food Review: Canned Fruits and Vegetables.  
  • Starting October 1, 2023, canned fruits and vegetables are WIC approved.
  • Please send any products that aren’t WIC approved that you believe could be.

How does WA WIC Review Foods?  

Each category of food has federal requirements and state criteria that it must meet before WA WIC approves a product. There are two types of reviews: Formal review and Informal review.  

Formal Review

We use this type of review to assess Brand specific foods. This type of review can also assess non-Brand specific foods at a larger volume. This is when WIC reaches out to manufacturers to send products that meet WIC requirements. This is when WA WIC can add new brands to the food categories that are Brand specific. WA WIC usually performs annually on a select few categories.  

Informal Review

We use this type of review to assess non-Brand specific foods. We can review and add non-brand specific foods to the APL at any time if they meet all requirements. WA WIC performs these reviews with a small number of foods at a time.  

Brand Specific Foods

  • Baby Cereal  
  • Baby Food (Fruits and Vegetables)   
  • Baby Food (Meats)  
  • Breakfast Cereals  
  • Juice  
  • Soy Beverages  
  • Tofu  
  • Soft Corn and Whole Wheat Tortillas 
  • Whole Wheat Pasta
  • Yogurt
  • Cow Milk 

Non-Brand Specific Foods

  • Canned Beans/ Dried Beans 
  • Cheese
  • Eggs
  • Fish-Canned
  • Fruits- Fresh or Frozen
  • Vegetables - Fresh or Frozen
  • Milk (Cow), Buttermilk, Kiefer 
  • Peanut Butter 
  • Whole Grain: Brown Rice, Oats  
  • Whole Wheat/Whole Grain Bread and Buns

Once we review a product and it meets all requirements, we add the product to our APL. Once in the APL, participants can use their WIC benefits to buy that product.  

How to Submit Foods  

Prior to submitting a product, verify it is not already approved by referencing the APL

Once you have found a product as currently not allowable and you feel it meets all requirements, please follow these instructions: 

  • Complete the food designated spreadsheet(s). Download the appropriate spreadsheets from the “Food Category Spreadsheets” menu below. 
  • Review the federal requirements and WA state criteria at the top of the spreadsheet to help determine state approval. 
  • Add products and data for them onto the spreadsheet. 
  • Provide a high resolution (300 ppi) JPEG of each product submitted (via FTP or ZIP file attached to your email) for consideration.  
  • Submit the completed spreadsheet(s) and photos to  

Food Category Spreadsheets  

Files listed below are all .Excel files (xlsx)

What to expect after submission 

  1. We’ll let you know when the food is. 
  • Approved 
  • Not approved with an explanation for why 
  1. When a product meets all criteria, it’ll be: 
  • Added to the APL 
  • Added to the next WIC Shopping Guide, if brand specific 

Thank you for your participation in providing a variety of foods to our WA WIC families.