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Data is critical in informing community and personal actions to support better health outcomes for all. It is the mission of the Center for Data Science to assure that timely, accurate, and reliable public health data is accessible to all communities. Through strong community partnerships, open data practices, and advanced analytics we aim to establish data for communities with communities.

Our center is comprised of four broad programs supporting this overarching mission:

  • Data visualizations: In collaboration with local, tribal, state, and federal public health partners we strive to establish inclusive data visualizations that are accessible to all through diverse tools, practices, and displays.
  • Data analytics and surveillance: Our team supports communities in understanding complex public health conditions through the provision of advanced data analytics drilled down to meaningful and understandable data insights.
  • Data democratization: We seek to improve access to data through the adoption of service design approaches, data governance practices, and tailoring data products for a diverse user audience. In doing so we hope to develop a culture of data transparency supporting community response and action to public health threats.
  • System modernization: Timely, reliable, and actionable public health data starts at the point of collection. Our team is responsible for supporting best practices for disease surveillance systems and case management system reporting activities for notifiable conditions within the state of Washington. In partnership with public health partners and communities, we aim to develop tools and applications that will support their data collection needs while aligning with state and federal reporting standards for these conditions of public health significance. 

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